IMC uses Psychology to Evaluate, Design and Deploy Software Systems

At IMC, we have an innovative new approach to developing the software systems that run modern organizations. We have created a unique process, found at the intersection of Technology and Psychology, to design systems that people love to use. These new systems also reflect organisational goals, since at their core they are the enabling technologies used by employees to get their jobs done.


Today’s workers rely on IT systems at every point in their day. These systems are designed using traditional IT Frameworks, and most corporate systems are not well accepted, or properly leveraged, by their end users. In order to achieve organizational goals, “Requirements” must not just include “What the system needs to do” but also encompass “How will it be adopted” and “Why should the user spend the time to learn it?”

See Stu Talk @ BLL: Los Angeles

April 2nd - 3rd, 2016

Stu talks about Why Software Sucks:
The Psychology behind Software Design & Implementation.

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Less than 20% of office workers properly leverage the features in Microsoft Office* – sadly most other company systems aren't designed to exceed this standard

~ Stuart Sherman, Founder, IMC

*SoftWatch April 2014