Many businesses are talking about innovation today. Innovation often fails because people try to innovate using the same old tools they've always used. At IMC we take a different approach to innovation. We believe that innovation must start with an understanding of the very programming of our perceptions and reactions–Human Psychology. We like to call this programming "Universal Human Truths". These truths are the core code that runs inside our brains. It's through the understanding of how we process information that we can innovate new solutions based on re-engineering the software for information presentment and processes alongside the way the very systems are rolled out and explained to users. Ultimately, we believe that software is really just a process to present information to our brains in new ways so people can do the work their companies demand of them.


Many companies think up innovative solutions that don't relate to the people who will use the new systems. At IMC we believe that the only way to innovate is to start from the users and work outward. That's why we have a diverse group of specialists, many with PhDs in their fields, Anthropologists, Social Scientists, Neuroscientists, Behavioural Economists, Organizational Behaviourists, Psychologists, Industrial Designers, as well as Marketers, Human Computer Interface specialists, Software Engineers, and Programmers.

At IMC, Innovation is about starting with a clean canvas and designing from the desired outcome backwards. Most companies plan toward success, which is a moving target, and therefore very hard to hit.

We cannot solve problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.

~ Albert Einstein