Persuasive Design

IMC is interested in several areas of Persuasive Design; face-to-face behaviour change and social transformation, in addition to persuasive interface design to influence user behaviour.

Persuasive Sales Design

IMC develops presentations for sales, customer service and consulting teams to sell complex products by helping product and marketing teams focus on the Universal Human Truths that drive sales. We use Behavioral Economics and Neuroscientific Learnings to inform the processes of persuasion by examining the Reward Systems that your sales process is trying to engage. Not only do we help build the tools for sales, we enable a sales culture by training your staff to understand Reward Systems based objectives, and weave this thinking into their existing expertise. So often people think sales are driven by experience and there are notions as to "why" things work. In fact, there is scientific proof as to "how" things work, and knowing the science behind the sale is a sure route to success.

Persuasive Web Design

We specialize in the intersection between research and program evaluation. We use research to optimize conversion and online engagement. Pure "Usability Design" focuses on giving users the ability to complete a transaction. Unfortunately, having a usable web site or internal process is not always enough to convince users to transact. Even if a user can complete a transaction with you, doesn't mean that they will want to transact. To be successful, companies must look beyond Usability and focus on Persuasive Design which motivates people by taking advantage of persuasive tactics that will make them take action. The most persuasive strategies focus on making users feel comfortable about making decisions and helping them act on them.