At IMC we believe that every solution starts with Research. You can't design something new without fully understanding what currently exists and the history that drove it. Typically, in process design projects, everyone sits in a room and defines the project. This process is well known universally called "requirements gathering" - and it often fails to hit the mark. The problem is that requirements don't only come from the people responsible for deciding what they should be, they also come from the people who consume or use "what is" and "what will be".


We have grown our business on the simple premise that most corporate IT projects hit their requirements 100% and miss their business objectives by at least to 50%. To this end, IMC employs a group of exceptional people with expertise in many areas of research – because highly actionable and valid results are driven by the quality and independence of the researcher. There is no point researching to prove what you already know. Anthropologists, Social Scientists and Psychologists are experts at defining human to human research, that's why we have them on our team.