IMC works directly with our clients' teams as a fully objective teammate. Our role is to bring our unique approach, using research, to identify the underlying or unaddressed human AND technology issues. By uncovering these insights we are able to define and build technology that addresses and solves BOTH the technical requirements as well as the human elements that lead to successful adoption of the new systems. We do this while improving the Brand perception that inevitably leaks out of every system. We understand that technology is used by humans and that it needs to make sense as well as function.

Our approach is to work collaboratively with our clients to develop the technology solutions and systems that empower client audiences while effectively delivering the Brand experience.


To do this we:

  • Understand our client's long-term vision and where they are today relative to this goal.
  • Recognize the need for systems to empower staff to communicate and collaborate effectively enabling the delivery of the Brand Promise.
  • Employ the drama found in persuasive interfaces, while maintaining the simplicity of information presentment within internal and external systems.
  • Start without any preconceived notions of what the solution should be – we are truly solution agnostic.